Invitro Vogure manufactures the following products under the label of Invitro Brands

  1. Molecular Diagnostics kits
  2. Veterinary Vaccines
  3. RNA Purification Kits
  4. DNA Purification Kits
  5. Protein Purification Kits
  6. DNA, RNA and Protein Ladders
  7. Buffers, Reagents and Assays
  8. PCR Reagents

“People interested in becoming part of these projects (as prospective investors) can mail at:






InVitro launches a pioneer blog on biotechnology: www.invitrobiotech.wordpress

The blog is an initiative taken by InVitro Vogue to spread awareness pertaining to the global and local news of biotechnology. The blog shall also feature interviews from important individuals to provide better viewpoints on biotechnology.

Invitro Vogue establishes a diagnostic facility in Lahore under the brand name of 'Invitro Diagnostics(ID)'. A pioneering facility in the private sector of Pakistan, ID specializes in PCR based molecular diagnostics.

Dr. Imran H. Khan
Dr. Khan visited the corporate office and praised the new diagnostic establishment.
' Truely impressive begining with a promis for a wonderful future expension and innovative progress'

Dr. Yousaf Zafar TI
Dr. Yousuf visited the Diagnostic facitlty and apreciated the contribution IV plans to make for the private sector.
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