InVitro Vogue Pvt. Ltd. ventured out to establish Pakistan’s first state of the art BSL-II/III animal vaccine manufacturing facility. IVV signed an MOU in 2010 with the University of Veternery and Animal Sciences-UVAS  for the ‘Technology Transfer’ for its R&D of animal Vaccines such as FMD, HS and AI. In 2013 InVitro Vogue Pvt. Ltd partnered with Ittehad Chemicals-Limited-ICL, a Limited company in Pakistan to establish Ittehad Life Sciences-ILS.  Set up as a joint venture between ITTEHAD and InVitro Vogue Pvt.LTD., ILS is a step towards achieving the objectives of both the companies for diversifying its business activities. With a rich and illustrious history, Ittehad Group's flagship company Ittehad Chemicals Limited-ICL is the founding company in Pakistan for the Chlor-alkali industry.On the other hand InVitro Vogue is the first Biotech company of the contry working as a CRO & CMO.  ILS is a contribution in the vision of sustainable food security and the achavement of the SDGs of the region.

ILS manufacturing facility is envisaged to be in Punjab- the largest livestock populated region of the country.

It is an Academia-Industry relationship of its kind in which all ralevant stake holders like the government of the Pakistan, USAID, FAO of the UN and the private sector is fully participating. The project will culminate into a state plant which will be established in Kala Sha Kaku near Lahore.

A series of quality control test will be conducted on every batch of finished vaccines to confirm that it meets the required specification. These tests will include:

  • Manufacturing facility and manufacturing procedures complying with international codes of good manufacturing practices and quality assurance.
  • Quality of vaccine assure with proper SOP (Standard operation procedure).
  • High quality starting materials including virus seed lot and virus substrate.
  • Freeze drying and impervious packaging of the vaccines.
  • Quality control testing, including safety testing in the target species of all vaccine batches produced.

Envisaged as a pioneer BSL-II/III vaccine manufacturing facility in the country, the venture is positioned to grow and satisfy today’s need and future opportunities in the vaccines and Bio-pharmaceuticals industry.

To meet the changing needs of the industry,

InVitro Vogue Pvt. Ltd is also involved in an extensive research and development program of the products through the signing of a memorandum of understanding with several Universities in Pakistan as well as in different parts of the world. It is envisaged that all vaccines produced by InVitro Vogue Pvt. Ltd will be thoroughly researched and tested as to ensure a high degree of efficacy.

At the Centre for Advanced InVitro Diagnostics (CAID), the R&D division of InVitro Vogue Pvt. Ltd, the main concentration is on the commercialization of R&D from local universities and acquisition of technology developed by foreign institutions, which will have relevance to InVitro Vogue’s overall business strategy.

The Practice

The vaccine manufacturing facility is being designed to meet international standards of good manufacturing facilities. These manufacturing procedural codes will be strictly adhered to and as such all processed will be carried out under stringent conditions of sterility to ensure the purity of the products. The quality assurance practices of validation, monitoring and documentation will be carried out at every stage of manufacture from the receival of raw materials through to the release of goods for sale.

The seed materials for the vaccine are of the highest quality available and are being worked upon to meet rigid specifications. A virus speed lot system will be in place to ensure consistency of performance for all vaccine batches. The virus seed lot is at present being rigorously tested for purity, safety and efficacy in the initial incubator before going for industrial scale manufacturing. The substrate that will be used for virus growth are derived from animals, which are certified specific pathogen free (SPF). This provides assurance that the vaccine produced from these materials is free from any extraneous disease producing organism.
In addition all bulk virus material will be rigorously tested for sterility and virus titer before incorporation into a vaccine.

Selection and training of highly skilled and dedicated human resource ensures InVitro Vogue’s on going commitment to quality.

Nature of Business

As the company has recently diversified its business portfolio the primary focus now is on the manufacturing and marketing of high quality vaccines consisting of both live and inactivated vaccines, initially for poultry.




InVitro launches a pioneer blog on biotechnology: www.invitrobiotech.wordpress

The blog is an initiative taken by InVitro Vogue to spread awareness pertaining to the global and local news of biotechnology. The blog shall also feature interviews from important individuals to provide better viewpoints on biotechnology.

Invitro Vogue establishes a diagnostic facility in Lahore under the brand name of 'Invitro Diagnostics(ID)'. A pioneering facility in the private sector of Pakistan, ID specializes in PCR based molecular diagnostics.

Dr. Imran H. Khan
Dr. Khan visited the corporate office and praised the new diagnostic establishment.
' Truely impressive begining with a promise for a wonderful future expension and innovative progress'

Dr. Yousaf Zafar TI
Dr. Yousuf visited the Diagnostic facitlty and apreciated the contribution IV plans to make for the private sector.
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